Matt Bivetto nos visita en abril!

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Dentro de pocos meses tendremos el grandísimo placer de recibir a Matt Bivetto del Three Kings Tattoo (Brooklyn, New York). Los días 18 y 19 de abril podrás tatuarte con él en Aloha Tattoos Barcelona. Es muy poco tiempo y el espacio es limitado, así que para los interesados, ya podéis coger cita cuando queráis en el estudio. Además, también estamos organizando una expo de sus pinturas e ilustraciones para las mismas fechas. El estilo y la iconografía única de Bivetto no se detiene en el tattoo. Para nosotros es muy especial poder tener a un guest en todas sus dimensiones artísticas. ¡Estad atentos al blog para más info sobre el evento! Podéis seguir el trabajo diario de Matt a través de su instagram: @mattbivetto

¡Gracias a todos por seguir el blog y por vuestro apoyo!

We’ll have the enormous pleasure to receive Matt Bivetto from Three Kings Tattoo (Brooklyn, New York) in a few months. You’ll have the oportunity to get tattooed by him during April 18th and 19th at Aloha Tattoos Barcelona. For the real interested collectors, space and time are limited. You can book your appointment whenever you want in our studio. Additionally, we are organizing and exhibition of his paintings and illustrations that will take place on the same dates. Bivetto’s unique style and iconography are not restricted to the tattoo art. Is very important for us to have the chance of hosting a guest in all his artistic dimensions. Keep posted for more info! You can follow Matt’s work daily through his instagram: @mattbivetto 

Thank you all for following the blog and your support! 

El Monga Sasturain confirmed USA dates!

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Ed Hardy’s Tattoo City
August 8-11-12-13-14
700 Lombard St. San Francisco, CA 94133
Open 7 days a week, Mon-Sat 12-7pm, Sun 12-6pm.
Phone: 415-345-9437
Fax: 415-345-1813

Spider Murphy’s
August 28th till september 3  
1006 Lincoln Ave @ Fourth Street, Downtown San Rafael, CA. 94901.
Stop by our shoppe 7 Days a week 12pm – 7pm

Sid’s Tattoo Parlour
August 19-20th
13912 Ponderosa St Ste C Santa Ana, CA 92705
+1 714-664-8804

Smith Street Tattoo Parlour
August 2-3-4
September 7-8
411 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11231
12pm to 9pm daily. Closed Mondays
718 643 0463 

Thank you very much! Please, if you want to get tattooed by El Monga Sasturain this summer, get in contact with your nearest/favourite studio as fast as possible! And save some money too for his selection of prints edited by La Cobra Negra Tattoo Art Gallery.

El Monga Sasturain summer USA tour!

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Hello everyone! El Monga is coming back to the USA. After his recent visit to the east coast, he will be travelling this time to the west. Dates will be soon confirmed in those studios:

Tattoo City San Francisco
Spider Murphy’s San Rafael
Sid’s Tattoo Parlour Santa Ana

and for only three more days…

Smith Street Tattoo Parlour Brookyln

If you wish to get tattooed, please, contact the studios as soon as possible. Time is limited and we are sure Monga will be very busy! For daily updates you can follow him on instagram @elmongasasturain

Thank you all!